A-viva organizes day trips and week-end trips to many fabulous cities in Germany and beyond. 


Day trips take place at the end of the week. i.e.: a popular destination is Heidelberg, a romantic university town whose beauty has inspired many painters and writers over the centuries. Other day trips by theme: 


  • castle tours (Aschaffenburg, Bad Homburg, Kronberg)
  • city sightseeing (Nürnberg, Marburg, Freiburg, Bamberg, Regensburg, Wiesbaden)
  • annual festivals (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz)
  • spa time (Baden Baden, Bad Homburg)
  • ski trips (Black Forest)
  • hiking trips (Taunus, Sächsische Schweiz, Spessart, Odenwald)
  • outlet shopping (Würzburg, Nürnberg)  

Week-end trips take place at the end of the month and last from 2 to 4 days. For example: Berlin - a cultural and historical mecca of Germany, or Munich - the marvelous host city of Oktoberfest. Other destinations include Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and Vienna.


Cost:  students pay only a small fee to cover the cost of the trips. Most day trips cost between 5 - 10 euros, including transportation, snacks, and a private guide. Week-end trips cost as low as 50 euros depending on the cities, including transportation, accommodation, breakfast, and a private guide.


We are able to provide trips at the lowest possible cost due to 2 reasons: 1) We are non-profit oriented, and travel planning is a service to our students, not a profit making engine. 2) Our dedicated travel planners are experienced travelers familiar with the cities and the languages and able to find the best local deals.