Welcome to A-viva

Who we are

A-viva is a dynamic fusion of language institute + culture/sports/social club.

What we do

A-viva creates an exciting, unforgettable learning experience for you. We specialize in German immersion programs based on our CLASS concept (Culture, Language, Arts, Sports, Social events), offering you innovative language courses combined with unlimited activities, travels, and constant contacts with locals.

Your benefits

You don´t just learn a new language, you will explore a new culture, discover beautiful places, make new friends, and spend a truly memorable time in Germany. You may also qualify for scholarship or work opportunities.


Our advantage

We provide a stimulating, action-packed language learning environment within the framework of a culture/sports/social club.

  • As a language institute, we focus on creative teaching, by integrating games, quizzes, humour, fun activities, and many interactive drills. 
  • At the same time, as a club, we organize countless cultural, social and sports activities as well as week-end trips for students to enjoy their time in Germany. More importantly, we coordinate numerous encounters with locals/native speakers so that students can practice the language and connect with the people.

Low rates

A-la-carte programs from €240/month, full packages from €700/month.

Our facilities

Free internet, coffee bar/lounge, party room, and sports equipments.

Our team

Our staff are young and professional, with a great sense of cultural awareness and are attentive to students´ needs. We are globe-trotters and enjoy hosting people from all over the world. Our instructors are top-notch specialists in teaching German to foreign students, with experience from distinguished private institutes and state academies.

Our location

We are strategically located in Frankfurt, a city that is:

  • voted one of the best cities to live in the world;
  • dotted with world class museums;
  • accentuated by the rich contrast of charming centuries-old landmarks and dazzling modern-day architecture;
  • surrounded by magnificent cathedrals, fairytale castles, stunning landscapes and romantic medieval towns in the vicinity;
  • in the heart of the country known for its great beer and warm hospitality;
  • home to a large young, international population attracted by the city´s cultural diversity and economic strength;
  • the center of Europe, within hours of travel from Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Munich…